25 May 2009

our passion for food & wine, part two.

remember how when we started this conversation i said: "i promise i will share more"? well here i go folks. and this weekend has been a whirlwind of food, beverage, celebration & gastronomical delights!

friday night pw did the prep work for our saturday night menu. my mom hosted the two of us & my sweet friend sarah. paul did all the work to create a menu that boasted tuscan roots & new world spins on old flavors. his first endeavor was this beverage: a vodka rosemary lemonade fizz.

the prep work meant juicing >10 lemons.
then boiling organic cane sugar, rosemary sprigs {de la jardin} & lemon juice to create a syrup.
the room was filled with a sweet fragrance, to say the least.we manually crush the ice, filled our 4 cups & let the spirits flow!

voilá! the finished product was as fragrant as the syrup promised. it was refined but familiar & so refreshing after a hot, sunny, spring-is-turning-into-summer day!

so delighted we were! the evening's theme was "cucina paradiso"---a feature paul found in this month's gourmet magazine. i help him in the kitchen, but i am truly the entertainer. he is the engine in the kitchen. and delightful to watch, but that's a story for another day. we fired up the grill, opened the wine--las jamelles cinsault rosé & sent the tuscan bean ragú into the oven. all of this while catching up with friends & family alike. a snapshot:
1. tuscan bean & summery tomato ragú 2. fish platter (we opted for the pork stuffed calamari, grilled squid & salmon) 3. rosé, 4. balsamic grilled radicchio salad {with ricotta & basil---in my opinion the best part of the meal!}

it was magic, delicious, fresh, & just right for the season {spring-is-turning-into-summer}. we experienced the abundance of the land, the tender blossoming of my mother's "bowl of cream" peonies that decorated the table, & the sweet spirit that rises from good company & a menu to please.

*so there you have it, inspired action, tailored to the person that i am.
this & this & this is me.
i am poolside & at the drawing board,
i am over the stove & on the track,
on the farm with family & writing letters to friends in paris.
i hope you enjoy these in-detail peeks. there will be more.
in the near future, there will be some very paper-centric posts,
because i have my first craft fair on 4th of july!!! more on that later*

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