16 May 2009

The Seed Within

In an effort to be faithful to a blossoming seed, i did an outlandish thing: a video blog post!
{i would love to hear your feedback folks! much love}


Anonymous said...

I see the possibilities!! keep at it. don't stop now :) Love to see you!!! Just another way to reach out to people. perfect for you :)

hurray for courage!!!!

erin said...

love it! actually seeing your face and hearing your voice at the same time is a welcome change. (now we just need to physically be in the same room instead of virtually) mas, por favor!

Anonymous said...

i loved every moment of your planting the seed of what is video blog + stephanie tabb, i loved to see your little hand & facial expressions that i miss so so much & make you YOU...i enjoyed your natural presence - authenticity is a Must for your new endeavor in the C to the A... i loved your openness & reliability - you are amazing. inspiring. gorgeous. muchlove, ewat