17 May 2009

we feed folks

i cannot think of anything better than a beautiful sunny day & a family gathered around the table to share a meal together. i have salivating dreams of a creating meals with pw that are authentic & memorable. we can think of no better people to do so for than our mothers.

so we threw a mother's day brunch for the louisville mother's this year, which included his mom, my mom, my grandmother, my sister-in-law (who is a mother-to-be), and my brother.

the menu:
peach-lavender Bellini's
frissee, Stan's bacon, Ivor's radishes & poached egg salad
polenta bar (topped with: bacon, beet stems, feta, sauteed spinach, roasted garlic, sun-dried kalamatas, over-roasted tomatoes)
canteloupe with basil & honey
fresh berries: cherries & blackberries
ginger infused yogurt tart

all of this, paired nicely with place-cards & our family (though there were missing mother's and missing faces), made for a beautiful brunch. when you channel your passion into an action that honors the people in your life, you will find an abundance of pleasure. not just pleasure of the palette, or pleasure in the actions of serving others, though admittedly those are pleasures to seek out, but pleasure that carves its way deep into your soul, flowing through your bloodstream & settling into a deep reserve. one that you dip into on gray days, or remember so fondly years down the road.

on a lighter note: since the brunch was a success, there were many times throughout the day that pw & i turned towards one another and lifted our right arms, palms spread way open and slapped hands for a heartfelt high-five. pleasure, indeed!


paulweldy said...

DANG that's a good looking brunch! we do make a pretty good team. you ready for father's day? man-food!

Anonymous said...

I am blessed that you share your talents with me :)