11 June 2009

getting your hands dirty with the work of your life

(detail corner of this mixed media piece)
creativity flows in my bloodstream. courage is the heart that pumps that crimson flow. my bones are made of hard work & adventure. loving this body and the persistence. the dream-pursuing hour. my hands, on the plow.

i've been missing from this space because i've been working on making paper goods for my very first craft fair---coming up on the july 4th weekend! i have so very much work to do, ahh its kind of scary---but honestly, something very deep inside of me believes that all i need to do is give birth to the creativity that i'm been nurturing all these years.

i sit at a desk all day, so hoping online when i get home to blog it up is not exactly my first priority. i usually try to exercise, shower, spend some quality time with loved ones, then hit the drawing board or the inspiration hotline, which is right here at my fingertips. its hard not to compare yourself to seriously successful people that you encounter online---i guess that goes for every moment of the day, it's hard not to compare yourself against those around you at any point in the day---but the internet is especially deceptive because others' process looks, easy, clean, fine-tuned, flawless.

we all know thats not true, right?

everyone has to dig, get through the soil to the roots, let grow what is theirs to nurture. and then, (oh this can be the hardest part) believe in themselves, choose actions that lead to the birth of those hidden seeds.

so if i'm in and out of this space just a little bit more than usual, its because my hands are covered in paint. and i've had many experiences with putting the magic eraser to my mac keyboard because i couldn't resist, leaving trails of red and purple paint behind. in the mean time, how are you getting your hands dirty with the work of your life?

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