20 June 2009


i have a tendency to take things way too seriously. for instance: i put off blogging until i feel so inspired or have some lengthy amount of time to sit down & share. well guess what? that's why my blog posts are somewhat scattered & not frequent enough! inspiration is flowing at all times of the day. i wish i had an iphone to capture/share/repeat. since i don't *yet* i am starting a new blog project called SNAPSHOTS. just a peek into my day, whats churning & burning on this fire.

reading: Geninne's Art Blog
listening: Beirut
craving: A Green Monster (via
tweeting: esteffi
working on: heart piercing cards

so thankful for saturday & time to get all the goodness packed in without normal work looming over my head. hope you're having a happy day, filled with the lightness & frivolity of summer. perhaps a glass of champalou vouvray, too. happy golden saturday to you. xoxox

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Kristen Gardner said...

You're adorable, and I love the snapshots idea. Your work is so beautiful!!