19 July 2009

let no one tell you otherwise.

sunday morning does not usually represent a day when i wake up early. monday thru friday, yes; saturday, sometimes; sunday, not a chance, unless its a cold day in july. which was, exactly what today was in kentucky, folks.

today i woke up at 630 and was out of the house in time for a run with my friend lilly. a 6 mile run with my friend lilly.

"what are you thinking," i asked myself when i hung up the phone after making plans with her. i am in shape, and i've been running, but i haven't been running that distance or at that hour in some time. especially not on a sunday.

"it was the revelation," my heart insisted, "go with it. give it a try."

what revelation? and did it involve too much tequila? {i know what you're thinking and the answer is no.} totally sober, and totally level headed, i had a revelation yesterday. {i've had a FEW of them this weekend}

i am always running, but i'm never training for the event: the race that reveals how much passion i poured into this. the fruit of my labor. the mini marathon or 10k event where you take a picture when you're done: sweaty and smiling.

i need to back up. {cracking open a bit here} i had a bit of a breakdown earlier this week. i was meeting with a trusted individual who helps me navigate my health & wellness goals and has been doing so since january of this year. she's really wonderful, supportive, trusting, and honest. so her ability to make claim to those characteristics offers me the opportunity to do the same. when the news came in this week that linden vineyards is a no go for august, my heart cracked just a little bit in two. i was really hoping for this opportunity. really really hoping. and i've been delaying a lot of joys in hopes of this one, and i'm here to tell you that ain't the way it works, ladies & gents.

so much has been delayed since i moved to kentucky. its hard to explain and would be extremely painful to do so in full, but take my word for it, i've been putting things off, and when i met with trusted individual on tuesday, i got really clear about that. and it really crushed my heart. i came up with so many things that i've been putting off until i am in a "better, more settled place." (um, never-never land?)

examples: volunteering, trips, business/career opportunities, book clubs, races, education, personal goals. {cringing just looking at that list}

anyhow, the revelation. so i'm talking to my mom, explaining how heartbroken i was this week, how much i needed to get out of neutral and get into gear, how much i'm running with no real goal in mind, and it clicks: people who succeed plan to succeed. they put in the extra hours, they put in millions of minutes of effort directed at one specific goal. they volunteer every week. they run 4 times a week because they are signed up to run 13.1 miles in mid-september and they must be ready. they save their cash because they want to buy a house. they make plans and don't put them off until later. their footing slips, their rope snaps, their ankle gets sprained, but they keep on. they do what it takes. the understanding of how much it takes to succeed finally clicked.

so you better believe it that my culo was out of bed this morning at 630 am. you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be tomorrow, too. i will be doing what it takes to live one, wondrous life. i will be strapping on my running shoes, day in and day out, pounding the pavement with purpose. (and really, let me be clear that running is just the analogy. this can apply across the board of life)

and let me post this one reminder, too:
all of this is nothing unless you've established what it is that you love and are passionate about. pursue it fiercely. stand tall in your willingness to succeed and get graceful with yourself. obstacles will present themselves, frequently, and you and i will keep on. let no one tell you otherwise. get clear with yourself, for once and for all, and then, get to it. my friend alex, a woman i adore on so many levels {and who celebrates her 25th bday tomorrow!}, wrote something i'll never forget:
"there is a lot to love out there. get to it."

i'll leave you with that. {and it's my nap time, too.}

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