07 July 2009

be of good courage

{my barnyard girl, showing off her skills. sold.
i still have the original image though,
so there may be more of a similar look!}

have you ever had one of those days when:
  • you race out of the house with wet hair, and when you finally get to your destination, sweating of course, you realize there was no need to race at all?
  • you look down after 3pm and realize your panties are inside out (but thankfully not backwards)?
  • you, despite all odds, do what it takes to plug in, pray with fierce faith, and make your day the very best one you can imagine?
that's been the kind of day i had...but despite all this, i still found the courage to slip into the blink boutique and try on shoshanna bathing suit i've been dying for. afterwards, i threw on my workout clothes and hit up a new class: ZUMBA! have you ever done this?? seriously the MOST fun workout a person can think of. it's so high energy and so right on target for toning, booty shaking, and breaking a good, well-deserved sweat! i loved it...

home now with a smoothie (carrot juice, fresh spinach, frozen blueberries, NF yogurt, 1/2 banana, peanut butter) and a pile of place cards. finishing these up tonight and shipping them to charleston, along with myself and PW on thursday. we are so excited!!! hope you're up to something good tonight, despite what obstacles might cause you to trip a little bit, i seriously and enthusiastically encourage you to keep it going! be of good courage.

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