02 July 2009

the process

did you know that life is a process?
that you start off with an idea, as your pursue it,
you adjust to the flow, you go!
did you know that that your days are blank canvases?
that you choose to paint and play?
a long time ago i stripped down my inspiration board (which is just a canvas)
i had the intention of creating some totally new, totally different.
i didn't know what that was.
i just started painting and playing.

above: my blank (stripped) canvas. oh wow.

above: brown gesso'ed canvas, as well as the inspiration pallette, tools, etc.

above: the painting.

above: tissue paper overlay---some john derian italian handwritten letter. perfect.

above: paper cutting and letter choosing.
and as you play on that blank canvas, something comes to life.
the finale: i ended up turning a blank canvas into a sign for my art fair booth.
(which i hadn't known about when i started the project)
it simply became.

above: the finished product.
and a proud cardmaker!
let's be honest: i'm not that fancy or anything.
but i'm passionate about paper. glue. beauty.
i believe in the process.
how long it takes.
how much it asks of us.
as individuals.
as humans.
if you're in or around louisville this weekend,
please stop by and see some of my most recent work.
i'll be at the old fashioned 4th of july in crescent hill at the peterson-dumesnil house
all day saturday and sunday
i would love to see some of you!
i have 100+ new pieces to sell
handmade cards/journals/canvases, etc
a few peeks of the new work:

hope to see you there!
xoxox stephanie

1 comment:

Kristen said...

I hope the fair goes well! Wish I could come. :) Your new cards are gorgeous.