06 July 2009

snapshots II

hello! wow, whirlwind of a weekend that was wonder-filled and delightful! [despite the {heavy} rain] thanks so much for those of you who stopped by to check out what these hands have been making the past few weeks! i will have lots of shop updates coming soon...

here are a few snapshots of the booth & little miss yours truly:


my, o, my was it a fun time. closed up shop a bit early each day because paper+rain=no bueno. but fun was had by all, incredibly gratitude to the new faces who i was fortunate to meet, and the family & friends who rallied to help me make it happen!

some snapshots of this week:
traveling: charleston, sc
eating: giada's thyme pasta frittata
fitness: ZUMBA! (my first time, have you done this?)
making: custom placecard order
listening: regina spektor's far album

i hope you're up to good things this week. keeping busy. staying warm hearted in this july weather. drop me a line & let me know what your week looks like. xoxox

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