22 August 2009

back to a spirited place

{i'm short on words recently, trying to resolve some issue of soul & spirit. but after a recent camping trip, this 10 line tuesday magic by maya stein drew me back to a spirited place. have a read, then get your feet on the trail. much love for the journey. xox steph}

how to climb a mountain: written by Maya Stein

Make no mistake. This will be an exercise in staying vertical.
Yes, there will be a view, later, a wide swath of open sky,
but in the meantime: tree and stone. If you’re lucky, a hawk will
coast overhead, scanning the forest floor. If you’re lucky,
a set of wildflowers will keep you cheerful. Mostly, though,
a steady sweat, your heart fluttering indelicately, a solid ache
perforating your calves. This is called work, what you will come to know,
eventually and simply, as movement, as all the evidence you need to make
your way. Forget where you were. That story is no longer true.
Level your gaze to the trail you’re on, and even the dark won’t stop you.

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