02 August 2009

dogsitting and a custom bday card

paul and i are dog sitting this weekend. you may know that i'm not a huge dog person, but it is fun to have a pup to play with and a reason to run around aimlessly outside. aren't we totally beaver cleaver's parents + pups? haha we're much hipper!

these aren't the dogs that we're dog sitting. these are our friend's dogs, and their couch, too. however that same friend celebrated his birthday last weekend, and a custom birthday card was in order. i had so much fun making this card for mike, and wanted to share the final product.

this is the outside of the card, and it opens up like a door. both panels were covered with different paper. the copper paper (top half) is a german silkscreen paper with "happy birthday" written on it in crisp white.
instead of using a ribbon to tie it all together, i used a vintage measuring tape. mike is into vintage stuff, so that seemed much more appropriate than grosgrain ribbon.
the card all wrapped up in the envelope. khaki colored papersource envelope. always classy. he is turning 35 so you can see i "highlighted" that number on the measuring tape. perfection.

this is the inside of the card, which is better seen below... you can see that the "ribbon/tape" is pulled behind the picture, and then wrapped around the panels that open up.

see! it opens up and it totally fun & fabulous! hooray. happy birthday mike.
happy sunday to you, folks! hope you're up to something fantastic.

p.s. i just put up a listing for custom birthday cards in my etsy shop!

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Paul Weldy, CSW said...

very nice post! dog sitting has been fun...but i am ready for this pup's dad to come home.