07 August 2009

p.s. feedback?

p.s. let's make a long story short. i'm trying to take into account what you folks love the most about little old me. this blog is obviously a huge place for self expression, but if i'm trying to take my personal gifts to another level, "brand" them, if you will, i would love your feedback.

find the poll in the sidebar and give me your honest feedback!

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Goldi said...

Hi Stephanie, I am new to your blog but will definately keep checking back... so I am not sure I am the one to give advise. My first thought however since your blogs name is "heart piercing life" would be for you to design a heart that you could use at the end of your posts or when you post on other sites... like a logo/advatar. I am sure that is not what you had in mind with heart piercing life but visual repetition is good.

Just a thought...

Love, Goldi