24 August 2009

a reflection, a call

aside from the lovebombers, i have noticed that bloggers have been quiet this week. maybe it's because we're all off placing wanted ads in the local newspapers.
or maybe its because we're getting quiet to get the heart of all the noise. maybe we're talking too much and not listening enough. maybe we're busy busy busy and not happy happy happy. maybe its time we slowed down and settled in with some silence. maybe its time to "get lean" like marianne williamson is talking about in her miracle thoughts. maybe we're unlearning a thing or two; silencing a scream and listening to the whisper.

i would love to write a newspaper ad about seeking community. finding friends for praise & prayer. getting to the heart of issues. but that's my work, isn't it? and as i begin to chip away at it, i may fade in and out of the daily activities, but i'm better off for it in the long run. i come back to those circles with a lighter heart, a wider smile, a stronger soul. clarity emerges as the clutter fades away.

and lovebombers: you all are shining pillars for those of us seeking similar communities. we are watching you. and we are wide-eyed and bushy tailed trying to open our souls and spirits and lives up the way you have. welcome others to see us and hold the mirror up for us so that we can finally see ourselves as we have been longing to. {so confidently & clearly} know that you all are being rays of sunshine in a distant sky. the light is coming our way.

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Anonymous said...

you're my lovebomb :) thank you for making my saturday morning... ewat