07 August 2009

snapshots V

hey hey hey happy friday! this week has had moments of creeping and moments of flying. i appreciate both, but friday afternoon flew by because the AC in my office broke and my boss called it a day at 1:30! wow, i was extremely happy. so i've already hit the gym (stairmaster and strength training), then i biked home (30 mins) now i'm ready for the weekend!!!! p.s. i am working on adding a training log in the sidebar. accountability anyone?

working on: placecards for olivia
seeing: julie & julia (tonight with my main squeeze! so excited)
reading: peace is every step, thich nhat hahn
practicing: post workout meals, 100-200 cals of protein. my protein of choice has been rice protein mixed with water or soy milk. what do you eat after your workout?
playing with: glimmer mist from tattered angels

{when we went to DC in april, the national museum of american history has an exhibit of the REAL version of julia child's kitchen. we took pictures for my friend kate who lives in paris and just graduated from le cordon bleu. who knew we'd be seeing the movie with the replicas so soon after! more kate on the mind. that's for sure ;) }

happy weekend everyone! i'll be back with more before you know it!

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erin said...

glad i didn't see this yesterday. i would have been pissed! i was at work till after 7pm. on friday! :-/