07 September 2009

dreaming details

have you heard about Mondo Beyondo?
have you had some dreams about dreaming?
MB is an online class centered around
"the powerful point of view that transforms
our deepest dreams into practical realities.

i'm really impressed with the individuals behind MB and the community of spirit and strength they have created. i keep reading folks' blogs and tweets about Mondo Beyondo, and when i actually got down to the business of finding out how to get on board, i was a tad bit too late. the class had already started. the bell had rung. the seats were filled.

so. i am on the waiting list. but that's okay, this comes at a good time for me. i'll be busy turning 25 this week, and now that the dreaming wheels are spinning, i can play along when all the MBers come out for recess. some of them have been posting lists of their dreams. such a empowering effort dreaming is!

this weekend i got dreamy to. i got artsy and then i got dreamy. above is the inspiration, below is the list. i will take some time to share more tomorrow (aka, spell out the list and elaborate). its my birthday week and dreaming just feels right.

so if the 25th year of my life finds me busy dreaming dreams and living dreams, i hope it will spark the next three quarters of my life to follow suite. more dreaming details soon. xo

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liz elayne lamoreux said...

bravo to you for claiming what you want and deciding to live a full, real, true life.