27 September 2009

may wherever you are being a place...

adventure images to delight & inspire.
some sold. some gifted. some available.

may wherever you are being a place...
...where your eyes are open to inspiration.
...where you heart finds, in its precious pockets, treasures & trinkets that delight.
...where laughter is abundant.
...where healing is possible.
...where your truth is respected & honored.
...where you jump for joy and cry on a comforting shoulder.
...where you dream mondo beyondo.
...where you sign hymns that move the people in the pew.
...where you are the you that you were created to be.
blessings to you as you begin another week in this wonderful world.


Kristen said...

you're so talented... love the new cards!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I've been away so/too long. love your spirit/blog!!! OH YEAH, and your CARDS!!