17 September 2009

snapshots VI

a mighty wind of inspiration has come over me. mostly in the form of cards & birthday treats from near and far. people are so silly. and so thoughtful. i am so inspired by their gifts of friendship and goodness. so this weeks snapshot is really stolen from others' outrageously cool goodness. and my sponge-like posture, my deep desire to soak up as much goodness as i can.
accessorizing: j.crew headbands (via hepburn)
oh yeah, this too: anthropologie 'meandering loops' belt (also via hepburn)
sending: local wisdom cards (via e.wat)
staying: 21c museum hotel (out staycation and LM&ML celebration, louisville, ky)
drinking: evan williams 12yr (on the rocks)
eating: georgetown cupcakes (via sisterita)

and this list could go on & on.
just a peak into whats crossing my palette these days.
and a few snapshots of these past few weeks...real snapshots! fotos! hooray!

above: 21c hotel

above: georgetown cupcake

above: carpaccio, annapolis md *with ash

above: colin, the handsome groom (@ wiltshire on market)

1 comment:

Kim said...

Love the Hepburn look! You look great. 21C is one of my favorite hotels! That place is awesome! Looks like you had lots of fun!