04 October 2009

a {artsy!} labor of love

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as it goes with all best friends, you could probably spend a million years next to the one you love and the time would never get old. but time is of the essence, and when the ladies get together (we're not cosmo & gossip kind of girls), we pull out big mugs of hot tea and art projects and get to work.

a few weekends ago, i made a trip to visit my dear friend ash. last year, i went in october, but this year, the trip landed on my bday weekend. we had a chilly fall art session with all the friends last year, soon after my discovery of kelly rae robert's book, Taking Flight. i brought art supplies and we spread out a blanket in a little park near the annapolis harbour, and a grand time was had by all. here is snapshot from that session:

it goes without saying that we had a really good time. ashley was in love with KRR's book, so when i journeyed back her way this year, one of the events of our weekend was to tackle another project from the book, and to have a handmade momento from the fabulous weekend! here is the story of our crafting time together.

start with what you've got:
about a week before i boarded the plane, i gave ash the task of starting to collect old letters and paper epherma that struck her fancy. she is a woman for design, so this wasn't tough. i packed up my art supplies, including my brayer, watercolors, golden fluid acrylics and gel medium, brushes, buttons, and some paper scraps. then, i forged two canvases that my grandmother had handed down to me. she's an oil painter, so if she doesn't like a finished product, she gives me the canvases to paint over. reduce reuse recycle :) i chose two 5x5 canvases so that ash and i would leave the weekend with same sized treasures! here is what we started with. two of them, to be exact.
then we layed out the supplies, made our hot tea, and got to work!
the book, left was inspiration for our canvases, right.
thanks kelly rae ;)

so here we are with our hot teas, paper and gel medium. the first layer were letters, exchanged between me & ashley, to create the background, the story telling parts of these pieces. next is the paint & the pretty ladies.

and finally: after a labor of love, and a meal (and a trip to Whole Foods for groceries), the finished product:

can you guess who's is who's?
these lovelies are now proudly displayed in both our living spaces,
hidden deep in our hearts,
the memories of the joy involved in creating them alongside a spirited friend.
this journey would not be the same without our fellow travelers.

{should we wait another year to tackle another project? no way. but between now & then, maybe you could call a friend, plan an artsy event, perhaps even a weekend away to recharge your spirit with the love & friendship that fills you up!}

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Ferd said...

this is the COOLEST blog post yet STepOO!!! Wow, so wonderful to see it all detailed and written about. Love you!!