16 October 2009

daily rituals

{source: yoga journal illustrator: scott bakal}

you know what amazes me? daily rituals.

i am trying to reframe mine right now. (I am ever trying to reframe my existence) since being sick lately, i have been rethinking my sleep schedule, the supplements and vitamins i take, my nutrition and exercise, what foods i'm eating, my work schedule, etc. these always evolving daily rituals can often be unsatisfying for me, but i'm anxiously trying to reframe them so i can be the healthiest, most full functioning version of my self.

i found this amazing image (above) today that i wanted to share. Image by Scott Bakal. Amazing.

This article, 'perfect as is' written by Kate Holcombe is so right for me, right where I am.

Perfect As Is
"Yoga Sutra 11.6 - False identity occurs when we identify with the tools of perception instead of the true Self.

Asmita, often translated as "ego," is defined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra (11.6) as false identification. Asmita happens when we mistake the mind, body, emotions, and senses (the tools of perception) for our true, authentic Self (the perceiver). It's easy for the Self to become obscured by the whirlwind of the mind that pushes us to have more or to be thinner, the part of us that identifies with our job title, our status, or the way we look, and that keeps us from connecting with and abiding in the comfort and peace of our true nature.

But one of the foundational principles of yoga is that we are perfect just as we are, a shining light or gem that is merely clouded or dusty. Yoga is simply the cleaning process. Through the practices of yoga, we polish the brilliant gem of the Self within and are free to shine as we are meant to: living fully in the present moment, knowing that we possess something far greater inside us than the material world outside."
you know what amazes me? daily rituals. i would love if you would take a moment and share about yours. i am so anxious to hear how your true Self is glorified on a daily basis. xoxox

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