01 October 2009

ENFJ and some big announcements!

hey ya'll! so i am feeling the need to gush for just a moment. last night, i signed up for the Austin Half Marathon! on 02.14.10 (Valentine's day!) i will be in Austin, Texas, at the starting line for 13.1 exciting and adventurous miles! EA, my friend who i met across the ocean in EspaƱa, will also be there (she LIVES there), and PW, too. Though he will be cheering us on from the sidelines: hot cocoa & posters in hand! we are really thrilled!

on the same note of thrilled, i found out my "Meyers Briggs" type yesterday, after working with Sage Advice Life Coach Dale Herink. I'm an ENFJ, and quite honestly, really grateful for this awareness and this validation. Sometimes I think we see pieces of ourselves that make us see ourselves as too flawed, too much to work on before we ever "get there." And other times, {ah, these are rare, bright times} i think we see ourselves as woven, careful with every stitch, shining & bright. that is the me i want to see more often. getting that feedback from Dale affirmed who I was and who I believed in, beneath the tip of the iceberg. the descriptions and the information i'm reading through gives me an extra pep in my step. here & now. (have you taken the MB? do you know your type?)

and the cherry on top: i was super blessed to check out andrea's superhero blog at just the right moment on just the right day, because....i snagged a spot in MONDO BEYONDO!!! whoop whoop! i've told you about the course before, and i am thrilled to be an actual part of it this time around. five weeks of believing in my dreams? sign me up! as you can tell: i am looking forward to getting mondo and beyondo these next couple weeks!

and one more thing:

did you know i've been getting up early? yep, me. i've been getting up early to get quiet, get still and get artsy before work. bringing positive, bright, flowing energy with me into the day, rather than stale, cubicle energy. here's a peek at my morning pages (a phrase borrowed from julia cameron):

center image: amy cutler, army of me

so though i'll be many places in the coming weeks:
on the pavement and on the treadmill,
online getting Mondo Beyondo,
on Dale's couch getting coached to my full potential,
and at my desk in the early morning,
getting deep & spirited & centered.
i'll definitely be here, too.
i'll be around: inspired and swirling.


Kristen Gardner Photography said...

congrats on signing up for the 1/2 marathon (and figuring out your personality type)!! can't wait to hear how the training is going...

Anonymous said...

I think your art is really growing. congrats. It's beautiful...keep growing girl!