11 October 2009

gift wrapping 101: make the gift that much more special

in a world of a lot of stuff, i think it's appropriate to give really meaningful gifts. that is no easy task when every gift giving article seems to be about "the person who has everything." i haven't mastered that skill, yet, but the pre-requisite course to giving the gift, Gift Wrapping 101, boosted my GPA for sure.

i LOVE to wrap a gift. i love to choose decadent paper and pair it with salvaged materials, interesting images, scrumptious ribbons and classy accessories. it makes the giving of the gift that much more fun!

here are some images from my flickr account that i thought were worth sharing. good examples of how to wrap a gift and have it stand out in the crowd. a few tips and tricks:
1. i never use white wrapping paper for wedding (unless its AWESOME white paper).
2. anything that will hold a knot should be used as ribbon. paper. hairbands. measuring tapes. old electrical cords. what can you find and use?
3. paper can make or break your gift. hallmark is an institution, but that doesn't mean you have to use their paper. place mats. old dictionary pages. atlases. fancy paper from stores like paper source. interesting, quality paper goes a long way. it may sound expensive, "$5 dollars for a sheet of paper!" but the difference is that you make it part of your gift. and you begin to see and save interesting papers all around you. {{{start looking, and be sure report back with what you find!}}}
4. you can't go wrong if you give the gift "your touch." for instance, i use a lot of found paper and interesting images on the front of gifts... sounds crazy, but i guarantee that it evokes a familiar feeling because my close friends, family and coworkers know that's what makes my heart go pitter-patter. if you're a photographer, add an image to the corner of your gift. use corks in your ribbon if you love wine. even better: put "their touch" on the gift. give them what you know they love: their interests, their passions, their favorite color, their favorite place to vacation. make the gift that much more special.

but that takes us back to the gift itself...which, unfortunately, i can't help you much with. however, you're free to share your gift giving tips in the comments---and more gift wrapping tips, too!

i'm off to a baby shower for my very first niece and a wedding for a fun louisville friend. wishing you a beautiful sunday. and the inspiration to wrap and give a great gift this week! xo


Amy --- Just A Titch said...

It really does make a huge difference when a gift comes beautifully wrapped! This is a lovely post---your creative spirit is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You amaze me. so much beauty in that head of yours. Love the new Banner.

Thinking about your worries, and your need to let them go. Maybe fodder for another diary/log?