15 October 2009

i am one lucky lady.

you know you're pretty special when you make a snotty girl a bowl of soup on any given night of the week. but not just any bowl of soup, the best bowl of soup ever...the one that soothes my scratchy throat. and you do all this because this snotty girl is sneezing relentlessly and can't control her cough.

you're pretty special for about 12,039 other reasons, TOO. you have brilliant ideas, amazing execution, and a spirit that lifts even the heaviest of burdens as though they were feathers. you drive me to the bus and don't groan. you prepare me copious amount of hot tea, and put extra honey in because you know if you don't you'll be making extra trips to the kitchen.

you steep my earl grey too long in the morning, but that is how i love it. you know all those little things. and you make even the crappiest of weeks, less so, because of your simple, special touches on everyday things.

you know who you are. you know how you change the outcome of my day by doing the little things that i love.
i am one lucky lady. (and i'm sure you're thinking: 'i am one lucky chap.')

1 comment:

Paul Weldy, CSW said...

oh my gosh! i am one lucky, and rather flattered chap! are you buttering me up for something?? :)