28 October 2009

LIVE and love your life!

ornamental railing: by craig kaviar photo from a saturday stroll on frankfort avenue

hello little birds:

i can't believe its thursday already, though my body & (work) mind are ready for the weekend!! i have been wanting to do a photo recap of life these past few weeks.

1. blue dog deliciousness, 2. custom crush card!, 3. silly pw, 4. missing this chica and traveling alongside her, 5. handsome bow-tied mens, 6. cupcakes to celebrate miss sofia!, 7. uofl basketball begins!, 8. the new tabb!!! baby sofia with proud parents, 9. saturday night dinner, no big deal ;), 10. our vietnamese food kick continues, 11. feet on the trail, 12. grits:stilton & fried leeks, eggs: sunny side up, miche: blue dog bakery, 13. camera card for V, 14. we made a phenominal meal in between glue/drying/painting, 15. smoked salmon tartine: bluedog bakery & cafe, louisville ky, 16. she drinks her bourbon on the rocks

how is that for a photographic synopsis of these past few weeks?? aside from becoming an aunt (hooray!) and housesitting and cooking some fabulous meals, i've been busy making lists and knocking things out recently! I will have you know that the list involves a few things to get done here on the blog. would love to hear what you've been up to. what you're cooking this fall? what you're playing with and making the most of these days! are you missing traveling as much as i am lately?

just for the record: for every responsible item on my to do list, there is an equal or better "non-action" or fun piece. gotta get the balance thing down---its never too late to believe that you can, in fact, live and love your life! xoxo more soon! steph

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erin said...

i actually cooked a real meal tonight: roasted pear and butternut squash soup. turned out pretty good! miss you too!