02 October 2009

snapshots VII

photo credit: victoria wall

it seems appropriate to do a snapshot today because i am lusting over big cameras that take beautiful photos--and especially the talented women behind those cameras. my friend meredith (who will be featured here in the coming weeks) got a new camera and is bringing it to louisville in a few weeks. my friend victoria, a talented a lady as they come, has a {newish} blog over on on her website that is absolutely captivating. and kristen gardner, well, her photos speak for themselves. she is a wedding photographer, and a portrait photographer, and and and! she was a mighty mentor to me in high school, she has a darling eye for inspiration.

these women, whose snapshots inspire my own this week, are celebrated here.

a little gift for paul: suspenders!
an absolutely essential fall purchase: the narmada boot (why no size 11??)
listening to: sea wolf white water, white bloom
staying: @ the villa in the country
reading: yoga journal
watching: coraline

while exploring the country side and blissing out, i'll be taking lots of snapshots of my own. wish i had these wonderful women here to document the time alongside me. i know they are off capturing magic elsewhere though, and they'll share with me soon enough.

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