31 October 2009

snapshots VIII

since i've been a little bit obsessed with the fall weather, i've been collecting as many of the warm, breezy moments possible---because father winter is right around the corner. staying active and engaged and inspired is my goal. i've got plans for training and tools for inspiration. so a snapshots post is certainly in order!

what i'm playing with: my GARMIN Forerunner 50
(a gift from my uncle-i'm psyched about the footpod! to track distance accurately!)
what i'm wearing: tights in every color. brown, black, grey, hot pink.
(yep. hot pink!)
what i'm making: recent custom order crush card
(image above. how cute is that!)
what i'm reading: the wishing year
(by noelle oxenhandler. thank you mondo beyondo!)
what i'm hoping for: a gretchen papka original under the christmas tree.
(the one i want isn't featured here, but lets just say there are hot air balloons involved...)
what i'm excited about: seeing all my highschool girlfriends this weekend.
(it's been too long)
what i'm cooking up: batches and batches of this soup, via @paulweldy
(best SOUP ever!)

happy fall, friends!


Paul Weldy, CSW said...

where are these pink tights you speak of??

stephanie alaine said...

you will have to take me on a date & find out! the pink tights are reserved for special occasions!!!