21 October 2009

this book found me

i don't have a whole load of free time these days. i am not complaining about that fact, but leisure isn't exactly my strong suite; i never have learned the art of relaxing. so this occasion stands out as monumental to a tight-pantied girl like me, but even the average person would be so lucky to have a book find them!

it all started with a need: everybody needs a good book to read.

then i decided: don't just to to the library and check out 29 books.

so i went with the purpose of bringing home one book for the bedside table.

such restrictions are tough for a girl like me. i mean, i have been known to bring stacks home from the library. i only read a page or two and return it late. yeah. i know. so i decided i was really going to take my time with this one. nurse the shelves. let a libro speak to me, if you know what i mean.

and then, after about twenty minutes spent browsing in the craft/career/food/health sections, i decided i was more interested in a fiction read that would engage my imagination. a thought bubble then popped into my head: insert thought bubble with the words "isabel allende" written inside. so i darted to the first shelves of the fiction section, and found a slew of allende's marvelous books. all good, but none of them struck me. and then, browsing a bit more, i saw Griffin and Sabine books (square so they stick out a bit) leaning off the shelf right at eye level. i said hello to the books: they are darling and i love these stories!

but then their big sister found me.

nick bantock has written a 216 page novel! and the cover art, his beautiful drawing of Ana, the main character, grabbed me as soon as i found it in my hands. oh, the whole book is gorgeous and profound. "it is an unforgettable story of one young woman’s journey to self-discovery," which is obviously so right for where i am. the book, "windflower" is my last few moments of the day, and its story is soothing and a sweet reminder that our lives are totally and fully about the story. most of us are simply somewhere in the middle. and the story so far is simply captivating.

its a really good reminder that one shouldn't shy away from the adventures that call out to them. ana might have something to teach you about dashing towards you dreams. {{{and she's not even finished with me, yet!}}} and when we take a few slow moments, we awake to the possibilities that are right before before us. or we fall asleep at night reading about them, if we're really, really lucky.

p.s. he did this amazing collages over here they are stunning images.

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Paul Weldy, CSW said...

i call dibs for when you're done!