17 November 2009

balloon 2: cReaTiViTy!

"let your hook always be cast.
in the pool where you least expect it,
there will be fish."

sources to spark your creativity:
a blank journal
an open field
a bunch of balloons
a new recipe
letters to the editor
a craft project
daily gratitude lists
trying something new: like watching basketball with your boyfriend or taking up the guitar at 27
meeting with a life coach
long runs with your baby
playing with sequins, glitter and shiny threads
setting a new workout goal
reading a biography
writing a letter of appreciation
hikes and long winter walks
feathers in your hair
walking a dog
calling your grandmother
purchasing a brand new box of crayola crayons
writing haikus

find something, and express yourself.
creativity is the culmination of all your senses.
throw more of your ideas in this pond of inspiration.
and throw out your hook.


kate said...

steph! i love these segments on your blog, they are so inspiring...and i am in need of some serious inspiration in my life!
thank you!!

facebook photos said...

ah yes the smell of a fresh box of crayons opens up a lot of senses.