20 November 2009

dreams: balance and support you

let the beauty of your dreams balance and support you in this very moment.
(custom card for ea, holiday 2008)
i have to say this first: recently, because of my work towards
simply believing in the act of dreaming, i have been head over heels with the idea of giving myself permission to dream REALLY big dreams.

so if you're a bit of a negative
nelly when it comes to this kinda stuff, i'm going to ask you right now, to leave THAT coat at the door, and get comfortable. this isn't a post for the faint of heart.

"A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved.
{s}He inspires the power and energy to get it done."
(Ralph Lauren)

how i got started dreaming: first, i got the itch. the "i truly know that i'm not living to my fullest potential" itch. the "something has got to give" itch. the frequent asking of "really? REALLY?" itch. and then i started to scratch that itch a bit. after some time, i realized that was just spreading the problem, so i decided i would make friends with it. i started to do the work of taking care of it, tending to its symptoms and soothing it with the right actions.

i signed up for mondo beyondo and did the homework. (ok, did SOME of the homework) i asked tough questions, sat down with my frustrations, and got comfortable with my curiosities. i even made a list of the biggest dreams i could conceive.

some of my dreams, though, we really just an effort to "fix" my self; as if i was broken for wanting those things in the first place. they were dreams born out of shame. other dreams were real responses to an inner longing. like my dream to intern with
curly girl. or my dream to get more custom work. or my dream to run the austin half marathon on 02.14.10.

these dreams are dreams, yes, but they are also strengthening sessions. like weights in a gym, i am picking them up, holding them in proper form, challenging my existing person with them, and reracking them for another day. i come back to them when the clouds are thick and gray above me. they are stashed away in the treasure chest of my heart, beckoning me when i get out of the dentists' chair. (did your dentist have a treasure chest???)

on the daily though, i have to do a few things to remind myself that dream living is also, right here, right now. tonight, on my bus ride home, i made a list of gratitudes. that was a tough effort after a long week at work & some rowdy teenagers on the 19 headed to the mall, but out of my lack gratitude came pouring.

dreams are an essential part of living, they move us forward. they anchor us into the present moment, teaching us their power and their persistence. dreams propel us out of places where we feel stuck into the open field where are longings are no longer unspoken; we awaken to the possibility of their potential.

so dream tonight. dream and hold those dreams. don't hold them against the current of your life as you know it, but hold them to strengthen you and anchor you and propel you. hold them in the beauty and the balance that this life requires.

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Jessie said...

Love this post, Stephanie! You are very inspiring!