15 November 2009

first step: PLAN

i am so excited. i finally have a whole day to ME. a clean slate. a no plans sunday. so, i will PLAN to use it wisely. {this is just the way i am!} and in the spirit of my new blogcrush, kaileenelise, i think a creative weekend to do list is in order. these are lists that feel good for your soul, and also help in a stay-on-track, get-things-done, kinda way. kaileen elise's from yesterday put me in a real mood for tidying up space and self. read on.

creative weekend to do list, version sunday

  1. get coffee mugs from kitchen, lay in bed until it just feels right.
  2. up & at em' but first things first: CLEAN room.
  3. make delicious brunch for PW prior to long day at work. send him off with a kiss.
  4. package up care package for *someone special!*
  5. finish thank you card
  6. plan grocery list and a few meals for the week
  7. work on heart piercing cards for upcoming event: holiday bazaar daniel chaffin furniture makers (dec 4, more info to come)
  8. half marathon training: 3 mile run on the schedule for today
  9. eat a leetle bit, clean up, head out
  10. post office, vinyasa @ 4, then whole foods for weekly grocery goods
  11. finally: home again! shower, eat some dinner, prepare lunches, read my book, and...relax.

yes indeed, all of this sounds mighty productive, but also soulful and just right. and hopefully, just maybe it will jump start a productive, healthy week. what are you planning this week? what is shifting and needs your attention? what is on your creative to do list? xoxo.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like the perfect day for you. Love Love you extra much.


kaileenelise said...

I'm so happy to read through your list. I hope today is as creative and productive as you want it to be! ♥kaileenelise

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day. It was supposed to include a phone call from me bur I got home later than planned and was MUERTA. I'll call soon! <3