22 November 2009

grateful {& giveaway winner}

feeling very grateful for connection today, for the joy we share for traveling together. for neighbors who smile at you every time you leave your house. for bus drivers who know you. for the small reminders that we are supported & held up. grateful for a running partner in pw and the first chance to babysit my niece and a one on one night with bink. it is the little things. the points of contact that have you coming back for more.

and forgive me if this comes off as corny, but i am feeling grateful for our ability to pass information via the internet, to make friends, create community, and you know what? have a lot of fun in the process! i love sharing this space, connect with aunts overseas and friends far away and folks who i wouldn't know if it weren't for creativity and vulnerability and a platform for sharing. so grateful for all this and more.

have a great week. and keep on finding places to love more and connect more. that could be what it is all about.

ps: the gratitude tortoise is ready to be send to marly! marly, send me your mailing address and it'll be on its way to you! stephanie dot tabb [at] gmail dot com and...i totally want to talk about changing my name!! xo

p.s.2 btw: i still want to have a sum it up on the pillars from last week. will try to get to that first thing this week!


Elizabeth said...

I love your gratitude post too, and there is nothing better than niece sitting. That's one of my favorite things in the world to do!

kaileenelise said...

it's a big, beautiful world ~ so happy to have connected with you on a tiny slice of the internet. xo ♥kaileenelise

Marly said...

I'm grateful to be selected to receive your card. Grateful & honored.