15 November 2009

seven balloons

something i've learned:
balloons are good for your soul.
come with me to a wishing space, where each day this week, on my blog, i'll be introducing various topics that highlight the pillars of my life. i'm sure some of them will be familiar to you, and i hope you'll join me for the journey. i can promise you this: openness, optimism, and vulnerability. this won't be a seven step process to perfection; but seven pieces that make up this puzzle i call life, seven balloons that make up the beauty of mine. don't be fooled for even one second that mine is more beautiful than yours, or more lifted, or more colorful; no no no. i am a child just like you are a child. i hope you'll come out to play. xoxo


kaileenelise said...

what a fantastic idea! i can't wait to read on... ♥kaileenelise

Sarah-er Than You said...

This sounds great and I can't wait to see how close your seven pieces are to my own life.