18 January 2010

so your new years resolutions are shifting a bit, eh?

i hear you.

it can be really hard to stick to the changes that we outline for ourselves. we are strict, structured and kind of mean when it comes to dealing with ourselves. and, while our health is really important to us, it's usually more important late at night when we're laying in bed evaluating how the day went, and not as important when someone is passing a plate of mexican wedding cookies our way. the cookies win every time, right?

not right.

now is the time to evaluate what matters most, and how you can find a balanced lifestyle that works for you, justtt for youuu!
(really! you're that special, wonderful and unique!)

i know i've told you about my 2009 health shifts, and i've shared some here & there about why i need goals, and what has worked, but here, my friends, is a document for how to outline your own personal goals. here are my:
(this is a google document i'm sharing with you. click the link to open/download.)

i wrote this for myself, in order to reflect on what worked and how i achieved my wellness goals. i'm sharing it with you now, because i believe it's about that time when the new years resolutions start shifting a bit. they start getting hard or you start getting soft about them. whatever it is, feel free to share your thoughts, comment on whats working/not working for you, and how we can encourage you along the journey.

xo stephanie

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