20 December 2009

tis the season

{love is growing and changing.}

tis the season, filled with:
new babies.
fresh greenery.
crisp air.
hot biscuits.
mittens & striped wool hats.
big bows.
twinkling lights.
candles lit.
handwritten cards.
memories unearthed.
traditions kept.
joy shared.

may you be present fully,
sparkling always,
shining & bright.


stephanie alaine said...

oh & just in case any PINK HOUSE LADIES are reading, that's hallie's secret santa gift off of LAST year's sleigh :) :) :)

Marly said...

What a great post. By the way, I just read that the word "great" has evolved over the years. It originally meant "course" and eventually described something powerful or fierce (As in King Philip the Great), but eventually has become known as excellent. Thanks so much for sharing your art. It's inspiring!