05 December 2009

turning two

this here handsome chap and i celebrate two wonderful years together today.
can you believe that?
and my oh my, it has been really fun. really sweet. really life changing.
two years of turning each other's lives inside out.
shaking things up a bit.
slowing down a little, too.
learning to appreciate the ebb & the flow.
flexing our faith muscles together.
drinking copious amount of wine.
cooking amazing meals.
crafting a lot of fun out of a regular days.
lifting each other up on the tough ones.
learning what works and...what doesn't.
feeling so fortunate and so grateful today.
turning two together feels just right.


Lauren said...

Yay! Congratulations!!!!

finn said...

very sweet! you guys are something special!

Hannah Alexander said...

beautiful! it keeps getting better and better... can't wait to meet your sweetheart!

shannon said...

two is a good number. congrats to you. i can tell you are really happy!

Kim said...

Congratulations! You can see the joy in your wonderful smiles in this picture!

Lissy said...

Congrats! I only just started reading your blog a few days ago (from the beginning), and it surprised me how warm it made my heart to read this entry. I'm so happy for you two. Here's to turning two, and the great beyond. :)