28 April 2009

tu-tu tuesday

tuesdays mean tap dancing and tu-tu's, total body strength training and tomato&garbonzo roasted chicken.

it is a good day.
these are the days of our lives.

just wanted to drop in and show some photos from last night's gourmet cooking in the kitchen with pw. you'll be happy to know i discovered this recipe, and suggested it as an activity we do together. the outcome was very delicious and the activity was very fun and very yummy. please see photos.

above: ingredients: spinach, ap flour, salt, pepper, nutmeg, eggs, yolks, ricotta, parm

above: making 1/2 in thick ropes. {p.s. i should'a been a hand model, no?}

above: finished product, ready to boil and enjoy!
p.s we enjoyed it with the shrimp & sundried kalamatas!

{btw: i know we're no professional food photographers, but if anyone is, i would LOVE your input on how to take better photos. always fun to learn}

25 April 2009

hold on to your hats

go. read. now--->and the pursuit of happiness: may it please the court

maira kalman, always at her best it seems.

and a quote to inspire:

Hold onto your hats.
People are hungry for beauty,
and inspiration and your incredible creations.
:anahata katkin:

{i'm going running now, its a glorious day.}

24 April 2009

in tandem

old card, made for pw, circa july 2008.
same love, always growing: deeper and higher and wider.

23 April 2009

finally encounter her

so, total change of subject, but: do you remember this

do you? i think it was the most responded to post in the history of this blog. {which is telling me something} but since i keep mentioning my health initiatives and my efforts to shape up, i figured i'd go ahead and share a bit more about whats going on.

this year has been good in that "health-fitness-body acceptance" regard; i say it's been good because i've actually noticed a change. {a real one!} one that i can hold and fold and stuff in my pocket. it's my secret, kind of, because i have made it that way. i've put my extra twenty pounds on in secret, and i'm shedding them in secret too.

truthfully, i wonder if some people even notice. actually, maybe they never noticed that i had them in the first place. my grandma nina, who i love dearly, definitely noticed this time last year when i was visiting her. she noticed, and she's 78 folks. people notice. but mostly, i noticed. my waistbands and my whispers noticed. and to me, those things matter most.

so i made some changes. little by little i figured out how to shave off unnecessary food and beverages here and there, and wa-la, wave the magic weight loss wand, and i'm down almost twenty pounds. its not as though it was THAT easy, but really, looking back, it wasn't that hard. it was just ebb and flow. give and take. checks and balances. i mean sure, working out requires time, and perseverance, and sitting down the day after you do 3 million squats has never been so painful. but there are more painful things.

painful can be described as: catching yourself eating a cookie one day out of boredom.
that's really what changed my mind, sparked my interest, gave me the insight, the strength, the ability to rise to the challenge of achieving my own goals.

when i caught myself, i really saw myself. that is to say: i saw myself from a birds eye view. i saw a girl with nutritional options choosing the cookie.(the really good, my grandmother made this, and in the right circumstance, the totally worth-it cookie, but the cookie.) the void of nutrition and i'm not really hungry cookie. and i saw her eat it anyway.

i drew the girl above after eating the cookie.

guilty as charged.

but here's the thing: i didn't want the cookie, i wanted something to do, i wanted to make something or play or have an activity. i wanted a friend or a walk in the park. and catching myself was, for me, seeing myself, or being seen for the first time.

this all sounds very deep. its really not. its just that i want to encourage you to take a good look. do your actions line up with your desires? and if they do, props to you. sing your song to the world. if they don't, look deeper. gaze beyond the action, and look at the intent. are you there? the you that you know and love, is she rising to the challenge of her goals and dreams? or shrinking in fear, in a coat of worthlessness, in a stomach full of fleeting cookie comfort?

dig deeper. look more intentionally. search with belief: do all these things honoring who you desire to become. because (now this is a secret), when you meet her along the road, when you work towards her and finally encounter her, you will have to had believe in her the WHOLE way before you believe in her when you become her.

NOW: lets here it from you. what have you done/overcame/achieved that you never believed possible??

p.s. {don't get comment happy and say you noticed my extra twenty pounds!}

22 April 2009

filled & a long awaited return!

oh. my.
i. have. missed. you!

but i'm back, and so so glad. i've been away, busy with family & festivities. there is seriously not enough time in the day to do it all! but i have been keeping up with my personal & health goals, working full time, trying to infuse my days with inspired action.

wait wait wait
, here's the big Q: how are you? what has been going on in your world? are you craving anything or juggling lots and loving it? springtime is so good to us, it is finally here in kentucky and i swear the bluegrass makes me that much happier. i would love to take a trip to naples, lay on the beach, totally soak up the sun, see the fam, relax. or charleston. or latin america. but since i'm here, i am light infusing this place, these days of youth. one foot in front of the other, striding towards a life that i love more and more.

all this story-telling deserves some pictures. here are some recent cards, made & given to special folks:

below:colin's birthday card {main interest: wine} left: emile's birthday card {main interest: cars}

i have been plugging away at making personal cards, and i think i'm finally ready to start up & running on etsy again. whatever made me stop? burnt out after valentine's day, i guess, and so little action in 2009 that i lost a bit of faith. but it's back, so be checking for new stuff in the shop in a week or so. {i'll keep you posted}

we just got back from a great trip to VA/DC/MD.

we are super blessed to have friends and family in the same area. {in addition to the white house, the smithsonian institution, some good virginia wine and oh, let's not forget: a weekend full of beautiful weather}
paul & i went seeking inspiration & delight.
our bags and our bodies came home filled with both.

well that's all from me for now. i have a friend to call and a bed that is calling my name. hope you are well in your heart, expressing that through every moment of your day. i have SO much more. i will be back. soon. promise! love

12 April 2009

happy easter, peeps!

the sun is out to greet us. first thing this morning, well, after opening my easter box/basket from sandy& gary (pics soon), paul and i listened to marianne williamson's "miracle thought of the day" podcast on Easter. totally relishing in the goodness of her words.

and the thought of possibilites.
believe in the resurrection
even while experiencing the crucifixtion.

i interpret this much differently that the traditional meaning of those words we use only on easter weekend. but i'm holding onto those words for longer this year, believe that what we cannot see now with our eyes exists indeed, and, despite our lack of sight, in believing, we see.

lots of thoughts, so much celebration, even when the easter family extravaganza has sizzled out, the SUVan is packed and headed east, the sunday will be like any sunday, we will believe a bit more in the possibility, in the faith that has brought us this far, and the unveiling that is promised.

happy easter, peeps! love

02 April 2009

a thursday to inspire

wanted to pop in and say...

made a most delicious recipe tonight from 101 cookbooks
can you say oh-my-delicious!
thanks to bink for the discovery of this blog.

getting to sit with the studying paul,
my personal wine educator,
with a glas of sangiovese,
listening to the fat april rain drops fall
writing letters to friends
far far away.

sending love to you.
on a thursday to inspire.