30 January 2010

full moon dreamboard (a la jamie ridler studios)

{click the image to see bigger, more detail}
hello, fellow dreamers!
happy weekend to you. happy full moon. happy snowy saturday morning. happy work in progress. happy wherever you are is sacred. happy this is your life. happy i feel your pain. happy healing. happy golden year.

it is such a joy to celebrate a new decade. to walk, hand in hand, vulnerable, towards our more shining, more full selves. to be heart forward before the full wolf moon and mirror its glow in our lives, that is a privilege & a call we cannot ignore.

jamie ridler invites us once again to manifest our dreams & intentions in the form of a full moon dreamboard. she says:
"The Full Wolf Moon" starts us off powerfully for 2010!
This is the time when the wolves howl.
They howl their yearnings.
They howl their desires
They howl to connect with one another and to say “I am here!”
how can we speak our desires more clearly than to chop & crop images that represent them? i love the open page, the blank space to say exactly what i desire. here is my dream board, in full. here are my dreams of wellness, beautiful rooms, art & style,
a home to call our own, long bike rides for pleasure, "just because" balloons,
love, the removal of the armor,
the courage to believe in the possibility of my dreams.
here is my dreamboard for the new decade.
here are my dreams, wolfmoon.
see them in your bright, full light.
let me see them more clearly.

and seeing them, believe.
and believing them, live.
and living them, love.
and loving them, dream.
and dreaming them, awake.


Linnea said...

Your board is so full of positive energy, and your words are both powerful and poetic.

May all your Full Wolf Moon wishes become reality.

Rochelle said...

Yes, your dreamboard and words are quite inspiring - thank you! And may all your dreams be fulfilled.

onasilentsea said...

love those words at the end! i too am dreaming of a home. may both our dreams come true!

faerwillow said...

~"because only when you act with true intention can you achieve the life you dream of" powerful words you have chosen to represnt your dreams...wonderful! may all your dreams you wish to bring forth come to be...brightest blessings~

Jamie Ridler said...

How beautiful! How magical to see your dreams spill into the words and onto the board and into a poem and into your life!

May all of your dreams come true!

Elaine said...

Wow...very inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Melita said...

oh i love your dreamboard. it is gorgeous!

have a great week. hugs!!

Karen D said...

love the girl on the bicycle.
May all your full moon dreams come true.