08 January 2010

k a i l e e n e l i s e

since my return from nyc, which afforded me a whopping eleven hours of travel time, i've had simplifying and setting intentions on my mind. one of my recent joys has been establishing a friendship with the lovely, talented, and sparkling kaileen elise. a couple of month's ago i declared her my blog crush, and this sunday night, when i schlepped my suitcase us the snowy driveway, i found a package and two letters from this sweet lady. talk about making this girl happy. if you know one thing about me its that i LOVE a handwritten letter. (and a package, too!)

her kindness and joyfulness ought to reach you too, as you can see from above, she has make some pretty significant declarations for 2010. so quick, before you get lost in the internet ether, head over to her website and connect with kaileen elise. hopefully she'll inspire you to scribble down a creative weekend to do list, or layout an inspiration board for the month ahead. she's good like that. you'll see.

xox, happy friday folks. more from me soon.


Sallie Ann said...

Love many good things for 2010!

Melita said...

i heart nyc, kaileen elise and your blog! perfect post. hugs!!

Anonymous said...
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