26 January 2010

like children do

i reinvented the PB&J this morning. i didn't have toast, so i threw a dollop of {natural} almond butter and a dollop of homemade jam on top of my oatmeal and i tell you what, it was delicious. that's the crayon in me, doing what it does to color my day. i tell you what, it was messy and probably looked weird, but it was so satisfying and so delicious. we should all be so quick to reinvent the wheel on old favorites. to pull out our crayons and go to town on a piece of paper (or a wall!) like children do.

but we don't really use crayons anymore, do we? we use UniBall "CheckSafe" pens with flowing ink and fine tips. We use razor sharp number 2 pencils. We write on ruled paper, college ruled paper. Actually, come to think of it, we do a lot of typing and printing, don't we?

i understand why efficiency is important, but we're talking LIFE. and not just any life, YOUR LIFE! your one, wonderous life. your reign over the hours you aren't working.

are you getting creative?

have you mastered the art of lipstick on the mirror?

(or expo markers via e.Wat?!)

are you scouring your craft box for the crayon sharpener?

breezing through journals


blissed out over some found epherma turned magic??

if you are, tell us about your magic. i hope you are. and i hope you're giving yourself the time and permission to do so freely. i think what the world needs now, along with loads of "love sweet love," are crayons, creativity & YOU!


Carolyn said...

I love this post! I'm trying to add some magic and creativity and spontaneity and sparkle back into my life.

Hannah Alexander said...

YOU ROCK! I am SOOOOO inspired by this... why in the world do i try to act so grown-up all the time? Isn't it a gift to be child-like? I'm going to make myself some PBJ oatmeal this morning in your honor and pray for this outlook on life in 2010!

P.S. my other weird oatmeal treat is this: make instant oatmeal (i use kashi) but with 1/4cup too much milk so it's runny... once it's set a bit, add an egg and about 1/4 cup of pancake mix (I use trader joe's pumpkin pancake) and then use the batter to make oatmeal pancakes! DIVINE!!!!

Love you girl :)

Melita said...

love this! pb&j sounds great in oatmeal. it's the little things, kwim?! ;) hugs!!