11 January 2010

refining the golden spirit within

(my golden year began in new york city, photograph by victoria wall )

if i'm honest with the inspiration of my life, i have found recently that i don't take enough time for myself. i always catch myself doing something for other people, rather than tending to my own secret garden. you're probably thinking, that's a really great problem to have, but the truth is, when i look back over time, i feel like i lose the forest for the trees.

since this is an honest space for me to come to terms with some of the obstacles in my life, i'd like to say that this obstacle has made me trip over myself too often for me to be comfortable with. i'm really pleased with my relationships and my commitments, but 2010 is going to be a year where i work on myself and my growth. i'm going to be spending 2010 taking more time for me.

though i plan on rolling out some ideas for HOW TO do this (in case you share this problem), i figured the first priority was to create a list of really fantastic me time activities.

me time consists of:
working out
hot yoga
visiting friends
making cards/journals/mixed media pieces
dreaming about the future
taking pictures
sending letters
putting iron & wine on repeat and lighting my favorite candle
getting quiet
taking long, hot bubble baths
reading books
making phone calls to friends far away
listing/selling heart piercing cards
doing fun crazy things that suite my fancy

this must sound so normal to some folks. but for me, these are rare gems in the hurried pace of my life. while i've been incredibly busy trying to create change in my life, i've been loud and active and scattered. therefore, i have not applied my full self to any one endeavor. i am looking forward to slowing down, taking time to make tiny discoveries in my heart & soul; polishing and refining the golden spirit within.

i was so excited to find out that i won a Gratitude Journal over at Spring Inspiration this week. i want to "live inspired." i want to count my blessings everyday. i want to be a bit more into myself, my growth, and my inner lioness this year. i want to go through whatever fire i need to go through in order to come out a more brilliant, more refined piece of gold. i am here for the slow, long haul. i am here to carve out time to create the life that i intend to live, day in and day out.

how often do you take time for you? where can you give yourself more attention, more time, and most importantly: more love?

p.s. if you want an example of someone who is living the dream, an artist extraordinaire, glowing and shaking and shining, then jump over to victoria's website. she's my dearest friend, a talented photographer with the biggest heart you can conceive, living in brooklyn, ny. (ash and) i had the serious pleasure of staying with her, her rocker fiance and darling dog for a few days and living at the fingertips of her inspiring mind. what a treat!


Melita said...

gorgeous pic!! i love taking time for me but sometimes it is difficult. hope you find time to indulge in you time. hugs!!

Carolyn said...

Your me time activities sound SO divine. You're so right that they sound easy/simple and yet so hard to fit into the day-to-day craziness of life. Thanks for reminding me how important it is. And yes, gorgeous pic!

The Brantley Family said...

Stephanie, I just found your blog through Hannah Alexander's. I'm loving it and your cards. I can't wait to order some custom goodies! I hope you are doing well!

Analiese Marie said...

What a beautiful pic! You look great. I love your list of "me time" activities.