15 January 2010

the table is set: a creative to do list for the weekend

the table is set. all of the work has been done. it is time to celebrate. the long weekend is finally here! what will you do this weekend? how will you celebrate? here's my creative weekend to do list, inspired by the ever faithful, kaileen elise!)

1. make paul a delicious, simple soup tonight.
2. begin to lay out full moon dream board, a la jamie ridler studios. the first full moon of a new decade? yes please! my intention: to create a concrete vision of my dreams.
3. rise & shine! start of my weekend with a fulfilling, gentle Saturday morning.
4. grab coffee with mark thomp, my old friend from charleston, who just moved to louisville! {hooray!}...then, we will proceed to run 9 miles. half marathon training is in full swing!
5. research hannah's "things i'm loving right now." re: that wallpaper via anthropologie
6. write blog post about compassionate giving. topic was sparked by this weeks tragedy in haiti, a five dollar bill, and my lost bag of sparkling pens...
7. make 10 valentines to post in my Etsy shop...and then reward my hard with with hot yoga on Sunday! {with alicia}
8. determine financial outlook for 2010. getting my own pretty pennies in line for the year ahead.
9. write well coach introduction letter and spiff up resume! very exciting endeavor {more on this soon!}
10. a few good meals, many tall glasses of water, some phone time with friends and at least one, if not more, hot, relaxing bubble bath!

whats on your list this weekend?
do you share any of these activities? hopes? intentions?
wishing you a satisfying, joy-filled and creative weekend!


kaileenelise said...

yippieee! it sounds like you have a completely beautiful few days ahead. thank you for sharing your creative weekend to-do list. can't wait to hear how it all goes. xo, ♥kaileenelise

Sallie Ann said...

Oh, I need to start working on Valentines too!

Melita said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend. hugs!!

Kim said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I wish I would have read your list yesterday.. I needed to be inspired. I did very little yesterday, got my hair done, spent time with friends (dinner and a movie). Saw "A Single Man" gorgeously done. The cinematography was beautiful. Today.. well, taking photos for the 365 project, playing with my photos in photoshop, a walk to our local cafe for breakfast and football. :)