20 January 2010

valentine's day cards, unveiled!

valentine's day is right around the corner! lots of new valentine's are up in the shop and there will be a constant flow of new designs between now and february 10th or so (to allow time for mailing, unless you're coming to louisville to pick yours up, or you'll be in austin, where i'll be spending valentine's day!)

due to the handmade nature of each card, no two are alike. so: get em' while you can!

ready, set, LOVE!



Kiki said...


Just stumbled on your blog from Tulips and Tea, and I'm excited to make it a regular read!

CTR said...

The v-day cards I bought last year were a big success! I can't wait to shop for more...

Love- crow

Melita said...

these are adorable! you are so talented! hugs!!