22 February 2010

blushing...and snapshots!

wow, consider me pleased as a peach to make THIS announcement!
i was blushing when analiese marie, at tea & tulips, asked me to be interviewed for her ever-inspiring Bloggers with Heart series! please take a trip over to read the interview and linger on her sight for a while. she serves up inspiration born out of a love for the delicate things in life, and she is always pouring out warmth & beauty. thanks again for the pleasure, analiese!

and on that note, in case you're new to my blog (hi!) and/or so that i can share a bit of whats going on in my life, here are some snapshots for you!
(heart piercing cards: fashionista card. sold)

coveting: dude and chick letterpress cards
reading: Half the Sky (per the suggestion of my inspired reading friend, Lauren, at Everyday Revelry)
prepping for: Well Coaches Training (starts in March! I am so pumped!)
wearing: my pink yotto dress (thanks, brooklyn, and victoria wall)
listening to: k'naan (track one makes me dance like a crazy person.)
eating: eggplant parmesan rolls with swiss chard & fresh mint (meatless monday: thanks to my chef beau, pw)
writing with: sakuri souffle pens (because every girls needs a custom writing utensil)
and, because i needed to at lunchtime today, i wrote a note to life...

dear life: 
i am patient and i believe in possibility. 
i trust you, too,
just in case you were wondering!
 love, steph


Lauren said...

Ohhhh can't wait to hear what you think of Half the Sky! I have a ticket to the Half the Sky Live movie on International Women's Day and I'm SO excited! What an important and inspiring book!

erin said...

what about the kate spade purse?? lol!
congrats on the accolades :) love you!

bobbybegood1 said...

Hello Stephanie! My name is Bobbybegood1 and I love your blog and posts. I read Analiese's interview with you. It was charming and motivating. I hope we can become good blogging friends.

I also enjoyed reading your "dear life" letter. You are a positive inspiration. Your comment, "i trust you" -- refering to life, really resonates with me. I believe that Life is waiting for us all to blosom and uplift humankind with our gifts and talents. Thanks, again, for being such an encouragement.

Melita said...

yay congrats on being interviewed with analiese. (isn't she wonderful?!) i just ordered some of those souffle pens - too good to pass up ;) the eggplant parm rolls look amazing!! hugs!!