23 February 2010

embracing my new first love

dear oh joy & kate spade:
thanks for giving me yet another reason to celebrate my golden year. how a girl like me can deserve a beautiful bag like this i do NOT know, but i do know i am SO grateful and will carry it well. i won't just carry it because its fancy, fabulous or fresh, i'll carry it knowing i am super blessed, oh so lucky, and always in the sunshine.

thanks, thanks, thanks!

a special thanks to Joy at Oh Joy for this sweet delivery!!

xo stephanie


Carolyn said...

Omg WHAT a fun bag/gift! It suits your personality perfectly. :)

wishful nals said...

beautiful bag! :) enjoy!

Melita said...

wow that is AWESOME! congrats sweetie! hugs!!

erin said...

there it is.....awesommmee! i am going to laugh every time i see a picture of that. you were SO excited!