21 February 2010

he knows a gem when he sees one

My dad has been busy at work in a small town in SW Virginia called Clifton Forge.  I woke up to an email this morning, sharing the news of his appearance on the local (roanoke) news.  Needless to say, I'm so proud of his contributions and amazing work there.  It's really quite a gem of a town, and he knows a gem when he sees one.

 If you have a moment, this video goes into greater detail about the work he's done at the C&O Railway Heritage Center  While you may not be a train geek, you may know someone who is or have a son who loves trains.
 "The C&O Railway Heritage Center is more than a place: 
it is a concept that will link numerous historic rail sites together under
a single banner to create a heritage trail." 

Way to go, dad! You are so composed on camera, and I am left very proud. Very impressed!

p.s. you look SO cute in your conductor vest. 

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