06 February 2010

love? check.

knock, knock. hi! oh my, i am so glad to see you!

i can't believe its been a full week since i found myself in this space. last weekend i was crazy with blog ideas. updates and information and inspiration galore. but then, i found myself knee deep in priorities and stumbling to string sentences together. all of this was really good, as in, i was not walking around aimlessly, but as if there was TOO much going on. too much to juggle. and wow, i know that the quality of my existence tends to slip when the quantity is overloaded.

but when i am true to myself, when the labor is in love, its always good. and love is especially present during the month of february, isn't it? love is big time in the air. we take time to express our love and gratitude for the ones we love. we give them candy and hearts (filled with chocolate) and utter sweet nothings because love means everything.

so i figured you all wouldn't mind if i posted on what i'm loving (and the photos to show!):
#1: i love making custom valentines. see above and below. seriously. show your love folks. why not?
#2. i love color. i love painting. i love wearing bright colored clothing. shiny rings. big headbands. various vegetables on my plate. i love it all. winter you may be grey and the sun may rarely shine, but i will find my rainbow of color.

#3. i love my golden year. so far, so very, very good.

#4. i love that the austin half marathon is in one week. i love that i am so excited to see erin. i love that paul & i are getting to go together. i love that my body feels ready. (except one small muscle in my leg, ok, huge muscle, my adductor, which i am currently icing. help?)

#5. i love this quote. and this blog. positively present. you are rocking my world.
love it. love it. love it.
happy saturday! xo


Melita said...

you look so darn cute in your kitchen with your adorable apron on. sorry to hear about your muscle. definitely rest it and ice it. i've heard really good things about tiger balm as well. stretch it gently and think about seeing a massage therapist as well. (cough, plug, cough lol) sending you lots of adductor healing vibes ;) hugs!!

me said...

great post!

Analiese Marie said...

That's such a cute picture of you! I totally know what you mean about finding color everywhere. I'm the same way. xoxo

Marly said...

This is great! I love it too!