28 February 2010

a report: the good karma gift swap

the darling kaileen elise hosted the good karma gift swap in order to celebrate february with love & shared goodness.  what a treat it was when this package arrived on my doorstep

i feel so blessed to report on the goodness that was sent to me by the lovely elisse, of fürelisse. it was a delivery of abundance straight out of british columbia, canada!

the first peek of the package looked like this:
i was so delighted by the shining, golden beautifully wrapped gifts within! her handmade card & lovely tags guided me straight into the goodness.  you'd have thought it was christmas morning, i was squealing like a little girl!  this package just made my day! here are a few other peeks:
each of the themes was represented to perfection! it was a creativity, calm, celebrate, and comfort filled package, indeed! once all the gifts were unwrapped and unveiled, each of the beautiful tags was tucked away for a rainy day.
golden paper making supplies, travel soy candles { w/sinternational scents}, delicious tea, and a special keepsake box for momentos of my golden year...a gorgeous hand made card & gift tags to please...i am so thankful for your kindess, elisse! you are the bee knees!


upon reflection of the whole process, and now that kiki @ yogademia has gotten her package, i can share the wisdom i learned from this swap.

when i was putting together my package for kiki, and unwrapping my package from elisse, i found joy in the simple graciousness of giving from the place of abundance, out into the unknown of this big wide world.  

i wrote in a card to kiki:

"it is all in good faith that you will use these gifts to remind you of the greater gifts you have to give the world"

i am so grateful, that elisse, my new friend, reminded me to share my best gifts with the world as much as possible. and then, participating always, everyday, in a good karma gift swap, i am both the giver and the receiver. 

i am loving and loved.

thank you again for this lovely gift, elisse.


Melita said...

you got a fabulous karma package! i can't wait to see the pics of what you send kiki - i'm sure it's amazing to say the least! hope you weekend was blissful :) hugs!!

Elisse said...

I am so grateful to have connected with you through the good karma gift swap!

Your blog is inspiring in its own right, and you now have an ardent new follower!

Wishing you a wonderful, blessed week ahead!

Micaela said...

i loved being part of this swap and am eagerly awaiting for my girl to get hers! i LOVE the gold theme. Isn't it like christmas to get a wonderful swap parcel? i'm such a fan of them.

and that quote is perfect.

finn said...

this is lovely. truly.