16 March 2010

i feel like you need to know

i feel like you need to know:
 that i'm holding you with tenderness.
that i wish i was a better listener.
that what you feel now won't last forever.
that silence is ok.
that friendship is thick.
that you are beautiful, always & always.
that i have been wrong before and i will be wrong again.
that doubt exists.
that you can get exactly what you want.
that there is always something worth celebrating.
that we don't need words.
that love really is enough.
that when the days are long and the sun rises later, 
its all for a good cause.


Melita said...

this is simply beautiful! hugs!!

Anni said...

Good evening,

your poem are very beautyful. I love them. I wish you a nice evening. Lots greetings Anni