03 March 2010

march first

"a new spirit is being born,
 and a new awareness of our place
 in this delicate balance."
{the earth charter}

march first. i can hardly believe it. the goodness that has found its way towards me this year is almost unbelievable, as is the list of intentions that grows with each day of 2010. while it does seem to grow, i think is planted with more seeds of goodness than life-strangling weeds.  goodness abounds, and for that, i am ever grateful.

what drives me is my own goal setting, goal achieving. i live by check boxes in my planner, which i use as checks & balances in order to achieve my personal health goals. right now, and in the past two-point-five weeks since the austin half marathon, i've really backed off exercising, which doesn't make me feel great. so the start of a new month makes me jump back on the horse!

inspired by the simplicity of my pretty pennie's march salute, the constant postive outlook of my tea and tulips appreciating friend, and the zen approach of melita (who did a BEAUTIFUL job on her life wheel), i have layed out five simple goals for march:

1. One self care action everyday: hot bath, journal entry, artist date, etc. Keep log on piece of college ruled paper {like the good old days}. Self report on April 1, 2010

2. Carve out needed time for well coach training, starts Wednesday March 10!

3. Stick to my check boxes! Every week, I aim for these output and input goals: 3 hrs cardio, 2 lift sessions, 1 yoga, 5 days of pushups, 3 drinks, 1 dessert, 1 free night, and...Gratitude Everyday! which means, thanks to the girls' at Spring Inspiration!, I make a list of 5 gratitudes every night before bed!  (am i a quantifier, or what!)

4. Wear skirts/dresses as often as possible. I just feel sassier when I do!

5. Revamp morning routine. Try new things to get myself up and moving with a smile.


These concrete goals are being laying out now because I need to a jumpstart! A winter-is-almost-over-YOU_CAN_DO_IT shake! they are the things I can control list, because there is also a list of things I can't control out there...and those things will ultimately take care of themselves. I just want to be as best prepared as possible.

what are you hoping march will bring? oh sunshine & warmer weather & celebrations of spring? you got it. that and all your other dreams, too!



alicia yost said...

sounds like spring equinox resolutions. which is when the sap starts flowing anyway. My five things are,
Open every single piece of mail ( I'm a grown-up) I need that info
give myself permission to make a few mistakes. Administrative or otherwise.
get involved in an exercise/movement time for myself
Make some connections with people I think I might like to hang wit more.
Just saying no is OK.

Analiese Marie said...

Aw, thank you for the shout-out. Great goals for March. I have no doubt you will achieve whatever you set your mind to!

Kayla said...

I love that your goals have numbers! I need to do more of that, mine are always a bit vague. I also love your goal to wear outfits that make you feel sassy! It is so true that some outfits make us feel better than others.

Marly said...

Great goals. I just made a major change in my life and decided to pursue independent work instead of my job. I will miss the salary and benefits, but it was time. I heard it from many - it was a toxic environment. So, I'm giving myself the week to recover. I have a "list" but nothing too crazy. But I am missing goals. I think I'll go for a walk and think about that. Thanks for your post! I'm ready for spring too!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I love these "to-dos" theyre imperative, especially SELF fact, maybe i'll take a long bath tonight, sigh.

Colleen Courtney said...

Very nice :)

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Love all your goals. I hope they rub off on me! Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my manifesto---my kinda girl! XOXO

Jocy said...

Hey there. I stumbled on your blog (just felt like hitting the "next blog" button), and it is lovely and bright!