21 April 2010

the present

"To put it another way: the past has a force, and its force contributes to your velocity as you are riding along on the teeny tiny point of time called the present. You would not believe how much force you have running through you in the present.  You get up, you brush your teeth, you think another day, another dollar, and you forget that you are wearing a breastplate of bloody jewels and bones, and the past is whorling around your heart and the future is rushing toward you, and you are standing there, whitening your teeth and combing your wig- you are alive, really, you are- and it is like you are riding a unicycle on a high wire at 100 miles as hour over a canyon.

You can see, then, given your precarious position as a human being, how important your every little action is."  (amy fusselman, 8: all true, unbelievable)

p.s. i've decided i like book reviews but i won't do them, and its time for more self portraits. so. here is a collaboration. quote + self portrait. last week's the balance was incredibly well received. but maybe that's just because my ass looked so good? ha. just kidding folks.

14 April 2010

revamp your fridge: 5 suggestions from steph

due to the recent move, i now share a fridge with the best person possible. always encouraging me to try new items, like tomatillos & capriole tomme & to-die-for grits, paul seldom denies me deliciousness. in an effort to keep our fridge filled with healthful fuel, we've been exploring some new "go-to's" that i wanted to share.

item #1: epic roots maché: these delicious, nutty florets of lamb's lettuce are NOT your typical greens. they are mild & luxurious. you will want to eat the whole box in one sitting. not joking {i know you think i'm joking}. find them at your local Whole Foods, but if you clean out my local produce aisle, i will be finding you...
item #2: harissa is the new tomato paste. except its a mild paste made from peppers and by golly:  it's delicious, easy to use, and super flavorful! mixed with some olive oil for a salad dressing, spread on your favorite bread and paired with lean turkey breast & olives, you are IN for a treat. find it at your local international grocery store.

item #3: frozen mango chunks. this time of year, i live by these little guys. i eat them as my "dessert" and throw them in smoothies after a good bike ride. they are packed with flavor & easy to eat on the go. they are standard in my freezer. quite honestly, i thaw them and make salsa, toppings for fish, or other savory recipes, too. 

item #4: plain yogurt is another staple. i know, a lot of people think it tastes sour. i say, you're probably right! but thats what i LOVE about it. if you're able to purchase organic, whole milk yogurt, you can use it for soooo many things. it obviously is a great (read: healthy) replacement for sour cream, and mayo, but it's undeniably delicious for baking, breakfast, condiments, and cooking. really, can your dannon fit do that? i didn't think so. (if you need to sweeten it up, add maple syrup or honey---and thawed mango chunks ;) haha) oh & p.s. paul makes his own yogurt this time of year. right, paul? (he promised he would start making it again this spring!)

and finally:
item #5: BEETS! tom robbins said: "the beet is the most intense of vegetables."  i would have to agree. if you've never tried beets, or you have tried beets and you think you don't like them, do me one favor. go to the farmers market this weekend and pick up a bunch. then, go home, roast them, peel off the skin, slice delicately like you're a french woman, and sprinkle with a dash of S&P.  tell me that isn't delicious, nutritious and outright amazing. earthy & hearty & more nutritionally dense than most food you encounter, the beet is, indeed, the most intense of vegetables. intense in a good way. you'll see. 

now...go ye, go ye into the world of deliciousness!
stock your fridge and enjoy!!

11 April 2010

the balance

"The skills you cultivate, the regimen you follow, and the satisfaction you derive in each of the wellness dimensions are directly related to your conscious, and especially your unconscious, beliefs about the role you exert in your own fate. The goal is to encourage and support you to persuade yourself, at the deepest levels of your existence, that you wield the power, the opportunity, and the absolute right to manage and direct your own fate and destiny. ...You will then become the cause, not the effect, of everything that happens."  (donald ardell, md)

06 April 2010

a kaboom of goodness

friends. the past couple days (weeks?), i have been totally mia. i know. lame. everyone does it. but i'm telling you, i've been cleaning up the kaboom of goodness in my life. the end of my job. the beginning of my career. wellcoaches course. coaching. moving. with my wine boy.  to a most perfect apartment. right around the corner from our favorite cafe. and a wine shop, too.

it's been the perfect goodbye to a holding pattern in my life. and the i'm saying hello to my dreams. to my plans and my life purpose. sometimes i pinch myself: 

there have been plenty of hugs. hurdles. long goodbyes. exciting horizons await. the change has come. it is officially my golden year. and it feels so right. 

while i'm combing through some my my belongings and waiting to get the apt set up,  know that i am sending you all the sparkle and support for your journey. especially for the kaboom of goodness you're hoping for/living in.