21 April 2010

the present

"To put it another way: the past has a force, and its force contributes to your velocity as you are riding along on the teeny tiny point of time called the present. You would not believe how much force you have running through you in the present.  You get up, you brush your teeth, you think another day, another dollar, and you forget that you are wearing a breastplate of bloody jewels and bones, and the past is whorling around your heart and the future is rushing toward you, and you are standing there, whitening your teeth and combing your wig- you are alive, really, you are- and it is like you are riding a unicycle on a high wire at 100 miles as hour over a canyon.

You can see, then, given your precarious position as a human being, how important your every little action is."  (amy fusselman, 8: all true, unbelievable)

p.s. i've decided i like book reviews but i won't do them, and its time for more self portraits. so. here is a collaboration. quote + self portrait. last week's the balance was incredibly well received. but maybe that's just because my ass looked so good? ha. just kidding folks.


Melita said...

the past definitely has a force, sometimes a force so strong that some people can't overcome it. i think that is why, as human beings, that it's really hard to change at times or at all. some people seem to use the past as a crutch, playing victim to their past. and, on the other hand, some people use to past as a place to grow from. i remember hearing once - how do you know where you are going if you don't really know where you come from. while i don't think this is always true, i do think it's nice to know. :) ps i love your little hair piece! hugs!!

Miss U said...

I like this. So many people try to forget the past. Why forget any part of your most valuable self? Right?